Domestic Violence Awareness Poster

Nearly 3 million U.S. children experience some form of maltreatment annually, predominately by a parent, family member, or other adult caregiver.

Used in this project: InDesign, Photoshop, etc.

The Brief

This project was to focus on a social issue important to us and create a poster to bring awareness. I chose to focus on domestic abuse and bringing awareness to its presence and effect. The aspects I focused on were typography and texture. The concept for this piece was to create a dramatic representation of a parent screaming with all their words in handwritten typography. This is to show the effect it can have on children who have suffered domestic abuse.

The Process

After looking through inspirations and researching I started with a concept of a parent screaming for verbal abuse representation. I had originally put a child in the middle, but this ended up not being in the final piece because it was too crowded. 

I decided to go with hand generated typography for a more personal feeling to the typography in the poster. 

I  chose to work with black and white for a dramatic look and create a grunge like effect on the screaming mouth. This would then allow the typography to be the focus of the piece.


Project Takeaway

Learning about domestic violence and its presence in our society was a large takeaway from this project. It was a difficult task to find a representation for verbal abuse initially. By taking a literal approach and focusing on the words it helped in keeping the focus of the poster narrow and direct. Also, I got to learn how texture and typography can have an emotional impact.