Beatbox Conversation

This project was a self-built brief and storyboard concept of combining typography and beatboxing. I love listening to music and beatboxing is one of the unique styles I like to listen to.

Used in this project: After effects, Illustrator, Audition

The Brief

The goals for this self-built brief were to utilize the typography and visual effects to mimic the phonetic sounds of the beatboxing. Color was to be used for highlighting and pairing with the different types of sounds used for a vivid expression.

The Process

I started with recording the beatboxing, edited the sounds in Audition, and selected the sounds I would be working with. Once I had the selected sounds, I storyboarded to plan out each of scenes. I created the texts and scenes in illustrator and imported it into Aftereffects. In Aftereffects, I explored the different ways of movement and effects which would mimic the sound effects for a bold expression.


Project Takeaway

This was the first time I had used After effects, so this was a whole new world to me. I really enjoyed working with the program to create interesting visual effects and movement. The process of story boarding from sketches to illustrations and then movement was an exciting experience and I am looking to grow in my skills with motion graphics.