Futura Booklet

Paul Renner, a German type designer created the typeface Futura. It is a clean and geometric typeface based on shapes. It has a versatile family of a large range of weights and styles.

Used in this project: InDesign, Photoshop, etc.

The Brief

This project is a booklet about the typeface Futura that focuses on the history, features, and the design itself. In this project, we were only able to use the typeface we were given for type elements. I chose to focus on the geometry of Futura, specifically the angles and shapes.

The Process

For the design, I experimented with different combinations of the typeface with my design to see how the lines and shapes interacted with each other. To emphasize the shapes in the typeface I used an overlay of the geometric shapes present in the typeface. For the angles, I extended lines from the letters. However, the lines and shapes were not enough to tell a story. To create a story, I picked certain phrases that related to the history of the typeface and specific letters to focus on its properties.

 I tested each of the typeface styles in the font family to see what would be most legible and readable for body text. This was difficult because it was a san serif font and its geometric style.


Project Takeaway

This project posed a challenge with typesetting a san serif typeface that has a geometric style. San serif are more difficult to typeset than a serif typeface. Other challenges included how I was going to use the lines to emphasize the angles. Using large, scaled letters in a specific layout help me to emphasize the angles without making it busy.