Talking with Clients

Design in the retail setting brings large variety in the types of clients and work that we do in our store. Learning how to better communicate with our clients is crucial because not all of them have a deep understanding of print or design always. Navigating communication is important so both parties understand their own roles. Two important parts of communication with clients that I have learned and worked on is quoting and presenting to clients.


After the initial job information has been completed, I have learned that detailed quotes are necessary, so it is clear of the work that is being done for the project and how that influences the pricing. For design projects, detailing each step and

Presenting to clients

When the final project has been completed and the client comes in, presenting them the project and showing what we did and how it turned out is important. In a retail setting it is a bit different. Throughout out the design process there is a needed approval for each step in the design. When the client comes in the have already seen the final design at this point before production begins. Not only did we do the design, but we also produced the final product. Other cases we do outsource to other print companies for larger scale jobs that we may not have in stock or the machines to produce. Having these resources opens up the types of projects that we can take on.