Marketing Tools

An important role I have taken on as the new print lead is having more marketing opportunities. Constant Contact is one of the tools that I use for the marketing of the store and services. Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that gives you access to multiple options for emailing as well as a social media tool. The importance of email marketing is important for every business to reach is customers and partners about what’s going on in the store. However, there is more to it than just reaching out to your customers.

Create a Plan

Before I start scheduling emails, I create 6-month plans that include the sales information as well as holidays and other influential factors on the type of sales. This plan will include the dates that the emails will go out and the content for the email (such as the title and tag line). Once I’ve completed the plan, I met with my boss and manager to discuss the plan. Once the plan has been approved, I will schedule the emails and file the information for later review.

The Reports

During the months while the emails continue to go out, reports come back for specific data about the emails. This includes, any unsubscribes, and an engagement report. This report can let you know how many people clicked on the email and opened the email. It can also tell you the devices it was accessed on, the time it was opened, as well as which emails were most engaged with. All these aspects help me understand how I can improve our marketing as well as see people come in the store who were reached by the email and acted on it.